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Sons of the Legion

Male members of the American Legion whose parents or grandparents served in the U.S. military are welcome to join us on all our activities and events

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Legion Riders

Legion members that also ride motorcycles are welcome to join our American Legion Riders Chapter 82, we ride on special events and escort veterans.

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American Legion Auxiliary

Qualified females can join the American Legion Auxilliary and are welcome to join us on all our activities and events.

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Our great ballroom.
For all our events.

Everything from friday night dinners to New Year's parties are held here for our legioneirs.

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We have a full sports bar.
See for yourself.

Here we watch every sport thats going on and we have every major sports channel. There is also a full kitchen in the back where the legionaires make some burgers when they get hungry. Also our prices are very reasonable for our memebers

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And lastly, our events.
We hold frequent events.

Everything from weddings to funerals, but our friday night dinners are the most frequent and popular. We serve some of the best foods anywhere, if you like big roasts and meats. There is also a back patio where our legionaires can hangout and drink a beer, welcome.

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